World Class Technology. HomeTown Service. Affordable Prices.

World Class Technology. HomeTown Service. Affordable Prices.

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If Your Information Superhighway
is a Rural Road…
…We Can Help.

The HomeTown Internet Story

Cue the birds singing…big trees…quiet neighborhood
fresh air…surrounded by friends and family.

Just because you prefer to have a little more space, and slightly slower pace – shouldn’t mean you have to
compromise on your internet service. You have the same needs – virtual meetings when working
remotely from home, streaming the latest movies and videos, gaming and more.
But sadly, your current connection simply cannot cut it. You ask yourself, “is this the
price I pay for choosing to live in a rural area?

We are Hometown Internet. We know how
  frustrating a slow or stalled connection can
    be. We also understand, appreciate, and
    respect the value of living in a smaller
    community (in fact, there is a good
    chance that many of our team members
    live in your neighborhood). That is why we
    started our own internet connectivity business, partnering with world
    class network providers, that caters solely to small towns and rural areas.
        Frankly it is a part of the business the big guys simply aren’t interested in.
        But rural business is the core of our business and it’s all that we do.

    Our sole purpose is to provide a better internet solution to our
    friends, family, and neighbors like you. We deliver faster speeds,
    reliable connections, consistent streams, state of the art technology,
    and “hometown” friendly service. All at a price you can afford.

HomeTown Internet
Service Plans
HomeTown Internet provides a broad range
of residential and business services
designed to meet the needs of everyone.
What We Offer  Our Service Plans Include:
‐ Speeds from 25 Mbps to 500 Mbps (Download)
‐ Guaranteed Speed or it’s Free!*
‐ Unlimited Data Usage
‐ Video Streaming up to HD Quality
‐ Optimized for up to 1080p
‐ Built-In WiFi
‐ Price Lock for the Duration of Your Agreement
‐ Upgrade Your Plan at Any Time
‐ Plans Include the following Equipment – Antenna,
  Tripod, Pole, Cabling + Professional Installation
‐ Low Cost Initial Installation Fee
* See Agreement for Details
How Much Bandwidth do You Need?
Use our calculator and consider the following when selecting your plan.
Activity   Minimum Download Speed
Streaming SD Music <0.5Mbps
Browsing Email/Social Media   1 Mbps
Streaming SD Video   3-4 Mbps
Streaming HD Video   5-8 Mbps
Syreaming 4K Video   15-25 Mbps
Online Multi-Player Games   4 Mbps
Video Calls   6 Mbps
File Size Time to
Download @
4 Minute Song 4 MB 1.2 sec.  0.3 sec.
5 Minute Video 30 MB 11 sec.  2.5 sec.
9 Hour Audiobook 110 MB 35 sec.  9.2 sec.
45 Minute HDTV Show 600 MB 3.7 min.  50 sec.
Number of Devices
Type of Usage 1-3 4-8 8-10 10+
Light Usage 10 Mbps 15 Mbps 25 Mbps 50 Mbps
Moderate Usage 15 Mbps 25 Mbps 50 Mbps 100 Mbps
Heavy Usage 25 Mbps 50 Mbps 100 Mbps 150 Mbps
Very Heavy Usage 50 Mbps 100 Mbps 150 Mbps 200 Mbps

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What are Your Neighbors
Saying About HTI?
Customer Testimonials + Reviews

 Jon H., Consumer, Chisago, MN

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Testimonials | 0 Comments

“The driveway to my rural lake home is about
  50 yard long and bends through the woods.
  I asked Mid-Co to run their service to my
  home and offered to pay for the entire cost
  of the installation. They declined, because
  they did not want to service my account
  after the initial installation was completed.
  I felt like I had no where to turn until
  HomeTown Internet came to town..
  no lines to tearing up my driveway
  or lawn...and I now get super fast
  “HomeTown service” at 125 mbps
  instead of the 8 to 10 mbps I had before.
  Thank you HomeTown Internet!!”

  Joe C.

  Owner Swanson Shoes, Chisago, MN

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Testimonials | 0 Comments

“The current telnet provider had run their
  fiber connections to most of my neighbors
  in the neighborhood. I thought that would
  make connecting for me that mush easier
  and less expensive. Boy, was I wrong. To
  run their connection to my home, they
  wanted $10,000. Mind boggling and
  outrageously expensive. HomeTown
  Internet charges just a $99.00 installation
  fee and had a plan perfect for my needs
  at under a $100.00 per month. Now I
  get world class Internet, with HomeTown
  service and affordable pricing.”

  Mary M.